Thinking with the Church:

This is the flagship program of Vocaris Media productions – an hour-long weekly audio show featuring interviews and round-table discussions with officials of the Roman Curia, professors from Rome’s Pontifical universities, and Catholic thought leaders from every area of intellectual and cultural life – giving listeners a chance to hear and understand how the Church thinks at the highest levels of governance.


Behind the News:

This is a monthly affairs program, featuring leading Vaticanisti – we’ll explore what’s doing “across the river” in a way that will help listeners understand what’s really going on in Rome – in two one-hour segments, we’ll worry about getting the story right, without the pressure of getting the story out.


The Pulse:

What’s doing in the world of literature, the visual and performing arts, cinema? How are workaday Catholics contributing to the common good? What are Catholics doing to make the world a better place, and what are the challenges they face? These are some of the things we will explore in this twice-monthly program looking at Catholic social initiatives on the peripheries.