Mission Statement 

Vocaris Media is a consulting group and production company that seeks to place its founder’s and members’ years of experience in the forefront of Church communications at the service of Church leaders on every level: from the local parish to the Roman Curia – and to help organizations that deal with the Church and Church-related concerns to understand Catholic culture and navigate Catholic institutions.


Vocaris – which means, “You are called!” – recognizes the universal human experience of being prompted by truth: we are called upon to speak; to bear witness to the truth as we have been convicted, consoled and challenged by it.


There is no substitute for living in a manner that makes the claims of the Gospel credible to our neighbors. Nevertheless, what we say and how we say it are not of secondary importance. In fact, talking is an essential part of being human: how we speak is one of the things we need to consider when we weigh how well we have treated others, and how well we have served the Gospel generally. Christ made it true. He left it largely up to us to make it attractive.


We at Vocaris Media believe that there is always room for improvement, that good example is the best form of leadership, and that you are ready to help lead the way.

Vocaris Media

Answering the Call